Creeps into the core   of my being, this   breeze of gentle dullness,   dressed as contentment,   so easy to slide   into its grasp, fall   into that soft cushion   of peace, enveloped   by its temping embrace,   to be captured by   emptiness disguised as release. Advertisements

The Potting Shed World

It was one of those summer days that just sparkled with possibility.  The sky was the dark pristine blue, so clear and pure, with just the odd splash of brilliant white clouds sailing majestically. In the little boys eyes they became a host of creatures and amazing animals as they slowly ambled across this sky above his back garden.   Today was so special, […]

Abernethy Biscuits

The biscuit plate was coming around the room, being passed from person to person, and it was coming in his direction.   It was stacked with everyone’s favourite biscuits, digestives, rich tea, custard creams , Bourneville and just two Abernethy biscuits, his favourites. They were all here, crammed into Aunty Netty’s front room, much older now, […]


To speak in silence words that resonate with value and depths, that fill the void of empty humanity with space to run free, released from the pain of this daily darkness, Exploration of this world of wonder and awe, real life outside  the dull monotony of survival Life expanded for a moment of joy Words […]

The Bike Ride

It had been many years, but after a wobbly start he was off.  He was a boy again, remembering the sheer joy, the exultation of wind in his face  and the absolute excitement of speed. It had been many decades but he was transformed back to that distant village, and the glorious smile on her […]