The Potting Shed World

It was one of those summer days that just sparkled with possibility.  The sky was the dark pristine blue, so clear and pure, with just the odd splash of brilliant white clouds sailing majestically. In the little boys eyes they became a host of creatures and amazing animals as they slowly ambled across this sky above his back garden.   Today was so special, they were heading for the large park down the road, one of his absolutely best places to be. The playground was good and had the benefit that it had climbing frames for all ages of kids, and one that his little brother just loved to play on.  This left the bigger ones for just him, to get away from his brother for some fun, just by himself for a change.

The park was far enough away that they all had to walk together, but not so far that it was one of those marathon exhibitions (not that he knew what a marathon was, he must ask Mum).   They got there early , before most of the other kids, which was great as he had the big climbing frame to himself.  He flew all the way to a distant galaxy that morning, climbing higher and higher and rescued people from a burning building.  More kids turned up and they had some great games together, some of they boys from his class at school joined in with an adventure high up in a city of  Skyscrapers , like Spider man swinging from building to building.

The games rolled on around him , but after a while the boy started to get a bit fed up, as little boys do and his attention started to drift away from the games to the look around at the park landscape around him.   After all , despite all the imagination he could muster  (and he had lots)  , he was just playing on a big metal and wood climbing frame and he wanted to have a real adventure.

By now his mum had met up with some of her friends from the school gates, and they were all sitting on the grass near the smaller frames,. He could see his little brother playing with his school friends (play school, not yet proper school).

Over in one corner of the park, he could see a large clump of bushes, but from up here, he could also see that their seemed to be a space in the midst of them, near the park wall.  Checking that his mum was still fully occupied, he set of to explore those bushes and find out what might be in the middle of them.   Now, normally he would never have done such a thing , but today, the sky was so blue and the days so full of potential he just could not resist the possibility of a little adventure.

He ran over to the edge of the bushes and walked back and fore looking for a gap, for a way in. The bushes were dense, and looked completely impenetrable and he was about to give up and head back for the playground when  he noticed  spot where the wall of undergrowth was different, moving closer to see he realized that although it looked dense, there was a place where one bush hid a gap behind it which offered the possibility of squeezing through, which is what the boy did. Once inside the bush, he found there was a lot more room , and he could almost stand up.  A tunnel like opening in front of him seemed the easiest way to go so he headed deeped into the bushes, in a sort of crouched walk, occasionally tripping over roots or banging his head on branches that seemed to snag on his hair and clothes.    After walking for what seemed an age , he began to worry that he must have left the park by now and be in someones garden.  But he remembered that there was a big wall around the park, so maybe he was just going around in circles.  He was about to call out for help, when he suddenly (and unexpectedly burst out of the bushes in a clearing.    He was now right in the corner of the park and the park walls  loomed high above him.  The clearing was so much bigger than he expected, with a nice area of  lawn, very neatly mowed, and right in the corner say a small potting shed.

He didn’t know what a potting shed was but he had heard his Granny talking about her shed as being a potting shed (it was full of tools and other gardening stuff) so he decided that must be what this shed was. This shed was most interesting, it had a window to the left of the door which was on the right of the shed front.  A  simple flat felt covered  roof sloped down from the wall toward the front of the shed. The shed was made of wood, simple planks, sort of dark grey in colour.

In front of the shed was a wheel barrow which some plants growing in it and an array of plants growing. They were not flowers so he assumed they were what Granny called a herb garden.  Looking around he could see no way into this space, which was surround by thick bushes so he wondered if there might be a door into the wall inside this lean-to shed. He walked to the door and found it was just the right height for him. Perhaps he should have wondered about that as any adult would have had to crouch down to get into the shed.

He reached for the door handle which was the metal hoop type, there was no sign of a lock. Turing the handle the door swung outward easily and he stepped into the shed. It was full of pots and smelled like a fresh meadow on a summers morning. There was a door set into the wall in front of him. Now he knew this was wrong, he was not allowed to leave the park without his Mum but he had to have a look, so he walked over to the door set into the wall, which was much more solid and had a proper handle but still no lock. Grabbing the handle he opened to door which let him out into a vast park of green glades and trees stretching out in front of him as far as the eye could see.  There will tall mountains in the distance, and he could hear the  buzz of insects all around.  IN the sky he could see what looked like birds flying , but as he looked more closely he could see they were like no birds he had ever seem before, they had long tails and big flaring nostrils, in fact they looked just like small dragons.

Stunned by this amazing vista which he know could not be real, he turned round to go back through the door in the wall, to find there was no wall here.  The open door was there and he could see the inside of the potting shed, and through the window the clearing in the bushes he had come through, but on this side the door was set into the side of a hillside which sloped up   above him.   He should be able to see over the wall into the park from up there  he thought so he started climbing the hill and as he climbed he started rising through the clumps of trees   and eventually after climbing for a bit he was able to see over the tops of most trees.  He was amazed to see a vast landscape stretching out as far as he could see. Looking around he could not see the park or the town or anything he knew.  As he looked back down from the way he had come, one of the trees moved, not just swaying in the wind , it moved , it took several steps , then settled down into the hillside, looking as fixed as a normal tree.

This was a very strange place. Suddenly he was very scared, and he needed to get back to his Mum quickly. He ran back down the hillside, following the marks he had left in the long grass.   IN all the stories he had read, at this point, the doorway would no longer be there, so he ran as quick as he could, and was relieved to see the open door still there. He dashed back inside the potting shed and closed the door in the wall behind him. Leaving the potting shed, (and shutting that door as well), he ran across the small lawn and plunged back into the bushes and in no time found himself back in the park. He sprinted back across to the playground to find his mum was still where he had left her and his brother was still playing.   It was almost as if no time had passed since he had left, but he knew he had been away for at least an hour in the strange place.

During the walk home he was very quiet, but his brother was a real pain so his Mum didn’t notice.   He mind was raising as he remembered all this things he had seem in the strange place, the miniature dragons, the moving trees and the thing that had sent him running, the dark menacing shape in the distance coming his way.

But he also knew he had to go back and find out more………..

The Potting Shed World

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