This Shabby Place

  The odour leaks through the gaps around the twisted window frames It spirals over that weed grown obstacle that was once and is no longer a path and pollutes nostrils, so pure and so polite Rank and bitter, bile rises in response.   It is an honest smell that speaks of decay and the […]


Long and sharp, the best spikes are. this one was just a bit longer sharper than surrounding spikes, its precision point , protruding proud, protecting its plant, guarding its future What creature would risk its sharpness To capture seed ripe red fruit alluring spike ready to impale Hungry whiskers and teeth held at bay Overwhelmed […]


Smashed down the drain Escapes the pain Hostile to this change in Life that is tragic Full on Spanish nuns fly Fronting the show Let’s flee the scene Its bonkers in here Just string the words Phrases follow Sense is nonsense So it must be fun Then not

Snap Dragon Waltz

Cards dealt chance or stacked by  (?) life’s whims of fate or is this a land of space and plenty where opportunities abound to confound the senses. How then the flame of pain and fame lost in the shake of a head the blink of an eye the snap of the jaws cruel bite, crunched. This dance of life […]