(Edinburgh in October 2017) Wailing drones herald its approach Waves of pipers ripple down hill Serried soldier ranks march in step Zulu warriors dance in place Bored Scottish dancers walk in rows Home made  gods ride on top Of  shiny cars, bored drivers Red lights hold them Standing still until restless amber Released on […]

So Sad

  “So sad”,  they all said, Lost and alone he screamed at the crowd, they were sad but in his silence soon forgot, spaced out on life’s heady mix of light and dark, the screams abated as he faded from mind, alone and so lost he whimpered, noise and the light streamed into the dark, […]

Horror v Love

Horror  on horror’s empty cause Bland sound bites a predictable response, Idiots who react just as horror intended Winning its war to destroy our veneer of civilisation and love Hate is advancing leaders are prancing It’s time to let love loose again Its’ time to be Church – real Church Its time to proclaim forgiveness […]

Mankind’s Legacy

A great day for all mankind, at least that’s what the politician’s had declared. They had all gone now, consumed by the conflagration they had released on the world. A simple change to human DNA, released as an airborne virus that infected everyone within a few weeks. No-one could be immune to this artificial virus,  […]

May Not

12 March 2017 The title is so wrong, mistakes of the fingers, to lazy to correct so maybe just leave it and mould this winding sequence of words into a new shape, a shape born of chance, break out into the light, an avalanche of ideas, that may or may not…..

Dazed and confused…..

Dazed and confused in crazy profusion sap falls , dew rises , winds suck,  outside turns inside to display hidden reality an inside that is desiccated and dead, Lost hopes of joy becomes despair of birth To have flown so high, then plummet and  crash a husk of what once was, greatness all lost, death […]