The Bike Ride

It had been many years, but after a wobbly start he was off.  He was a boy again, remembering the sheer joy, the exultation of wind in his face  and the absolute excitement of speed.

It had been many decades but he was transformed back to that distant village, and the glorious smile on her face as she shared his joy,  as their eyes met and they shared a moment of sublime intimacy that went beyond the merely physical, that became the bedrock of their journey through life.

He could see her standing there now, sharing this moment of memory, just as she had been, in that different time and place.

And then he fell off the bike, still with that amazing feeling of contentment, and a glorious smile of peace.

All they could see was an old man being a fool and trying to ride a bike again, with a stupid grin on his face, except little Lucy. Somehow she knew that he was somewhere else and she held his hand as they waited for the ambulance, the image of her great-grandmother.

The Bike Ride

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