Mankind’s Legacy

A great day for all mankind, at least that’s what the politician’s had declared. They had all gone now, consumed by the conflagration they had released on the world. A simple change to human DNA, released as an airborne virus that infected everyone within a few weeks. No-one could be immune to this artificial virus,  and the benefits it was supposed to bring to mankind.  But now mankind had ceased to exist, a world of corpses and bones.  The stench must have been terrible, if anyone had been left to smell it, but that had passed after a few weeks. As the virus was DNA based it only affected human beings and a few species that shared a very particular section of human DNA sequence.

One would have though close relatives to mankind would have suffered as well, but most species of ape survived. A scattering of other creatures also disappeared with mankind, from across the spectrum of life forms from bacteria to animals.   Massive numbers of domestic animals died in factory farms and in millions of homes,  mostly of starvation  and a few from predation but after a few months a new balance began to appear across the globe as the impact of man on the world decayed away.

This simple event, the disappearance of a single dominate species on a small planet in a galaxy of myriads of planets and life forms, was perhaps the most significant event in the galactic history  for many millions of years, leading as it did to the evolution of radically new species on earth, made possible by this unique event in galactic history.  In only a few hundred thousand years they rose to become a mighty civilisation unlike anything earth had seen during the short reign of mankind, emerging from the sea, these  descendants of  a single type of octopus, infected by that short strand of human DNA had powered an aggressive evolutionary revolution to become something never seen before, hyper intelligent in ways no human could have imagined, physically robust and powerful, creative in ways that led to a flowering of a new civilisation that quickly exploded onto the galactic consciousness   in a way no human science fiction writer could have dreamed up.

As they flowered they saw the remains of mankind’s marks on the planet, and choose a very different way and within 1 million years they had spread across the galaxy, becoming the glue that held the complexity of the myriad life forms and civilisations together.   They were unique and the galaxy knew it and was grateful, unknowingly grateful the single human politician who made it all possible by his desire to be regarded as the greatest president of the United States of America, a man called Donald Trump.    The irony is that his name is long forgotten, as is the human race that enabled this greatness to start.

Mankind’s Legacy

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