So Sad


“So sad”,  they all said,

Lost and alone

he screamed

at the crowd,

they were sad

but in his silence soon forgot,

spaced out on life’s

heady mix of light and dark,

the screams abated

as he faded from mind,

alone and so lost

he whimpered,

noise and the light

streamed into the dark,

they glanced at where he had been,

his whisper unheard ,

his shadow unseen

Lost and alone

In the silence ,

So sad, I mused………

So Sad

Horror v Love

Horror  on horror’s empty cause

Bland sound bites a predictable response,

Idiots who react just as horror intended

Winning its war to destroy our

veneer of civilisation and love

Hate is advancing leaders are prancing

It’s time to let love loose again

Its’ time to be Church – real Church

Its time to proclaim forgiveness – real forgiveness

and love – buckets and buckets of love

To speak truth  – courageous loving truth

Release peace – despite the costs

And offer salvation – a free gift

And new life  – real life

Horror v Love

Mankind’s Legacy

A great day for all mankind, at least that’s what the politician’s had declared. They had all gone now, consumed by the conflagration they had released on the world. A simple change to human DNA, released as an airborne virus that infected everyone within a few weeks. No-one could be immune to this artificial virus,  and the benefits it was supposed to bring to mankind.  But now mankind had ceased to exist, a world of corpses and bones.  The stench must have been terrible, if anyone had been left to smell it, but that had passed after a few weeks. As the virus was DNA based it only affected human beings and a few species that shared a very particular section of human DNA sequence.

One would have though close relatives to mankind would have suffered as well, but most species of ape survived. A scattering of other creatures also disappeared with mankind, from across the spectrum of life forms from bacteria to animals.   Massive numbers of domestic animals died in factory farms and in millions of homes,  mostly of starvation  and a few from predation but after a few months a new balance began to appear across the globe as the impact of man on the world decayed away.

This simple event, the disappearance of a single dominate species on a small planet in a galaxy of myriads of planets and life forms, was perhaps the most significant event in the galactic history  for many millions of years, leading as it did to the evolution of radically new species on earth, made possible by this unique event in galactic history.  In only a few hundred thousand years they rose to become a mighty civilisation unlike anything earth had seen during the short reign of mankind, emerging from the sea, these  descendants of  a single type of octopus, infected by that short strand of human DNA had powered an aggressive evolutionary revolution to become something never seen before, hyper intelligent in ways no human could have imagined, physically robust and powerful, creative in ways that led to a flowering of a new civilisation that quickly exploded onto the galactic consciousness   in a way no human science fiction writer could have dreamed up.

As they flowered they saw the remains of mankind’s marks on the planet, and choose a very different way and within 1 million years they had spread across the galaxy, becoming the glue that held the complexity of the myriad life forms and civilisations together.   They were unique and the galaxy knew it and was grateful, unknowingly grateful the single human politician who made it all possible by his desire to be regarded as the greatest president of the United States of America, a man called Donald Trump.    The irony is that his name is long forgotten, as is the human race that enabled this greatness to start.

Mankind’s Legacy

May Not

12 March 2017

The title is so wrong,

mistakes of the fingers,

to lazy to correct so

maybe just leave it and

mould this winding sequence

of words into a new shape,

a shape born of chance,

break out into the light,

an avalanche of ideas,

that may or may not…..
May Not

Dazed and confused…..

Dazed and confused in crazy profusion

sap falls , dew rises , winds suck,

 outside turns inside to display hidden reality

an inside that is desiccated and dead,

Lost hopes of joy becomes despair of birth

To have flown so high, then plummet and  crash

a husk of what once was, greatness all lost,

death takes it rewards,

everything that is and was and has been ….

What’s this

still  alive?

Surely not,

death is the end

Is it not?

His hand reaches out,

Holds firm and tight

The possibility of life reborn,

restored and rebuilt,

cleansed and transformed,

alive with possibility

A miracle of  just love,

absolute and eternal

Some call it salvation

Dazed and confused…..

Forced To Write

What about this space

White and clean  with  lines

for hanging words in

neat rows, wild words

that stray and scatter

across the sheet of

lines like fugitive

sheep on the hillside

fleeing that piercing

whistle that calls the

the barking blur of

fearsome distant memory

But why bother, Who

cares for my words

why write for the

no-one who will read

these wild words,

they can’t care ,

non-existence has

no cares or fears

So why bother ?

But I do, !!!

I Do !!!!,


Forced To Write

So This is Fun Is it?

The road ahead was grim, stationary traffic, heavy rain and his bladder was painfully full , a problem compounded by the certain knowledge that that pain would get more intense as the large latte, consumed in the jovial end of meeting session was working its way through his innards.   The large continental lorry ahead of him blocked his view but that didn’t matter, the satnav had given him the bad news that this jam stretched for 7.5 mile and was caused by a broken down coach full of passenger.  He could bear it no more, turned off the engine and headed over to the hard shoulder , in the full view of hundreds of other drivers, but it felt so good.

Turning round, the pressure now gone and his spirits lifting, he was presented with a view of dense traffic stretching out in both directions. Nothing was moving except a very annoying motor bike that was weavings its way down between the stationary traffic. He could see that this freedom to make progress was upsetting just a few people, as some were opening car doors just as the bike approached or just indicating they were about to move off.  The rider was wise to all of this and kept up his weaving, a skill gained out of long practice. He knows that at this moment, he was hated by all the drivers now trapped on this stretch of the M-25 motorway.

He looked around and could see that now that he had set an example other drivers were getting out of their vehicles to relieve themselves on the hard shoulder, much to the obvious annoyance of a female driver in a BMW for whom this simple biological necessity was just not possible, at least not in board daylight.

The bike disappeared into the ocean of traffic ahead, a few conversations had started up amongst the escapes on the hard shoulder, emboldened by their bravery in leaving their vehicles (or was it desperation). Mostly monosyllabic the conversations seemed to consist of a just two or three swear words repeated in several combinations, although one lorry driver did have a much larger vocabulary of similar words   and was gifted in their use.

Looking up and down the hard should, he could see that he had started something as the drivers further away had now left their vehicles and wave of relief soon disappeared from sight in either direction.

There seemed little point in going back to his car so he started to look around. “I wonder where this is”, he thought?  The countryside either side of the motorway was a lush network of fields and small woods and he could just make out a church spire in the distance, maybe a village?   Drivers has mostly turned off their engines now and the sudden silence felt so out of place in this landscape of crash barriers, tarmac, while lines and sleeping vehicles.

The countryside around them seemed to grow in stature, surrounding their small ribbon of silence in the cacophony of the countryside, he could hear bird song and cattle in the distance and a tractor was working in a field over there. This ribbon of steel and tarmac , which normally filled his field of vision  had retreated to this thin monochromatic line, this unnatural scar of desolation, that scythed across the landscape of colour.

He had been this way many times, but had never seen this place before, it just flashed past, the road was the constant, the fixed feature in the firmament of his working life.

High above he could see a bird of prey circling, probably frustrated by all the people encroaching into its hunting territory along the side of the motorway.  Suddenly it plummeted down into the field next to the motorway and emerged from the long grass with a small creature clutched in its talons. He watched the bird fly away in rapt concentration, his emotions moved by this sight of extreme but so very natural violence.

The sound of engine starting and horns blaring roused him from this heightened state, traffic up ahead was on then move, he walked calmly back to his car and started the engine.

In a few minutes he was back up to speed. He knew that he would never be able to identify that spot at the side of the road where his life changed for ever, but it had. He pulled into the next service and just sat in his car reliving the emotions of those few minutes at the side of the M25 motorway.  The angry female BMW driver screeched past, her desperation now relieved  she was safe on the narrow this ribbon of tarmac and concrete that set the boundaries of expectation and  ambition..

And in that moment of complete certainty the course of his life changed and he escaped from the shackles of his narrow prison.

So This is Fun Is it?